Worth A Click

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  • Gorp:  Adventure Travel and Recreation website.  People are able to post their favorite hikes and trips for others to download into their GPS.  Great place to research hiking routes!
  • Call of the Wild:  Went on an adventure with the owner, Kate, a guide named Colleen, and a group of 11 amazing women. Kate is running a business that gives women the genuine opportunity to get out and experience our world. I would *highly* recommend this company.
  • Women’s Wilderness Institute:  This is another women-only adventure travel company I’ve had the pleasure of going with.  An interesting tidbit about them is a portion of your trip price actually goes to giving scholarships to underprivileged girls the chance to go on one of their trips for girls!
  • Backpacking with your Dog:  Because they love being out there as much as we do.  Fortunately, someone did all the research about it so we wouldn’t have to.
  • Moosejaw:  Once you find a place to go, you need the gear!  For everything you buy you get “points.”  Points = free stuff.
  • NOLS:  National Outdoor Leadership School.  Teaching you everything you need to know about being out there and taking people with you.
  • Maryjane’s Outpost:  Food, jobs, etc for the outdoors person.  She even started her own kind of organic trail food!


  • FD’s Flicker Toys:  On BigHugeLabs.com.  They have some awesome stuff to play around with!
  • Geekologie:  When you need to feel a little less… nerdy?

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