All about my adventures in the kitchen.  You get recipes I’ve found and tried out, recipes I’ve made up, and cooking news.  (What exactly is “cooking news?”  I have no idea….)  And now that I’m down to literally no kitchen utensils and a shared fridge… perhaps how to make awesomeness (for one) out of a very tight budget and quite literally… hardly any food.


Poetry, short stories, my writing, my crafting, other people’s writing, other people’s handiwork… for everything “crafted.”


One of my favorite things about working at Best Buy was New Music Tuesday.  (We’d see it Monday night before we locked up for the night… since it had to be on display and pretty by the time we opened.)  I’m bringing that joy to the blog.  Might not be new music considering… well… yeah…I’m not a fan of trolls in spandex that warble.  And since I stink at reviewing CDs (from my previous scheduling experience), I might just tell you what I’m addicted to right now… what is on my rotation, or new CDs I’m excited about.  Or it could be what I’m doing musically since I’m back on the scene.  🙂  Who knows… all I can tell you is it will be music-related.


A “Wordless Wednesday” of sorts.  Fresh from the camera.  Or iPhone.  Whatever.


New media!  All things computer games, movies, DVDs, website, and gadgetry.  All because I want an excuse to go see new movies at the Imax theater.  And because I need to justify the hours I spend in front of this screen.


Anything goes kind of blogging.  Just my style.  (More like an opening for me to rant.  I missed that.)


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