Spring Break!

That glorious week in the middle of the last semester where you get to unwind… relax…

Unless, of course, you were told earlier in the semester that you don’t have a job next year.  In that case, it is a frantic search for fall employment.  I believe I have something lined up.  Finally.  We’ll see.

I made myself a deal.  Most of the time, when we return from a break, I feel that I had wasted away my lovely break doing stupid crap.  My papers were graded on Monday and Tuesday.  The grades were entered early this morning.  Then Lucky and I started working on my “goal list” for this week.

We hiked out in Boulder (Take Lucky on two hikes, Take pictures in at least 3 locations)
I’ve made plans with Lynda to possibly snowboard (Go snowboarding if weather permits)
Made my library “shopping list” (Find a new author to love)
Played “Words with Friends” six inches away from my opponent (Make a new friend)

And since the wind is howling outside my door, tonight will be a mix of video games, books, and writing.  (Finish a book, Finish a game, and Two chapters of the novel)


Yay Spring Break.  Just what I needed to recharge.


I haven’t updated in a while… just wanted to check in and say “hi.”

The 365 is going well. I have successfully taken a picture every day. As far as pushing my boundaries, taking my camera with me when I go out, and all of the other picture-related things I had planned on doing… yeah. Those haven’t been so successful.

My reading goals have come to a complete stop. I’m teaching “The Crucible” right now as well as A Lesson Before Dying. My honors class is going to start Their Eyes Were Watching God before the end of the month. Then they are on to Plainsong. I haven’t read any of these in years. I did squeeze in a Bogosian play and I’m hoping to use my flight/drive/whatever to Texas to listen or read a few books. I just need to figure out what those are going to be.

Tonight, before I go to bed, I have to have some things on my beloved list done. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to run off and leave you for a little while. I think you can survive.

What I did on my Christmas Break

♥ Finished grading all of the final essays from my first six weeks as a teacher at East High School.
♥ Cooked an anniversary dinner for my grandparents.
♥ Watched more television than I care to admit (yet I am so glad I had the chance to)
♥ Drove to Dallas, then Jena, then Alexandria, then Jena, then Dallas, then back to Longmont
♥ Was reunited with a beautiful, blue guitar that loves me.
♥ Witnessed my dog fall in love with a stuffed lamb named Lambchop (who has since suffered a traumatic ear loss)
♥ Found a race or two to make my 2011 more exciting
♥ Finished my bestie’s Christmas present during a marathon couch sitting session.
♥ Finished a few audiobooks and nowhere near enough printed books.
♥ Wrapped a few presents that made people smile
♥ Was stood up a few times
♥ Hung out with an old friend and laughed
♥ Reminisced about summers of my youth and sent warm thoughts to the important players of my Act I.
♥ Counted the blessings that come with having a constant companion like Lucky and contemplated expanding the brood
♥ Resolved to make more time for things I love.

Here’s to Amazing Beginnings

I’m in a hotel bed in San Antonio. Thanksgiving has brought me down here for several reasons. Chief among them is to tattoo away the anger and self-loathing and pull me down to earth. I’ve been waiting for this since September. I’m ready.

I’ve worked as a high school English teacher for two weeks up in Denver. I love my school, I love my students. I’m happy as a lark in my career for the first time in years. I’m moving out of a bad living situation into a place of my own. Well, I’ll pay a landlord to call it my own. The school takes me farther out of the mountains than I’d like but schools like this are hard to come by…so I don’t really mind.

There is a boy. I’m more cautious than I have ever been. Then again, my baggage is just a few pounds heavier and my trust several inches thinner. It may be too soon and it may be just what I need. He is intelligent. He works hard. There are also other things with which I’m uncomfortable. Time will tell.

They called for snow in Colorado while I was supposed to be gone. Now it has been changed to Monday, my first day home. Almost like God doesn’t want me to miss a snowflake. For that I am thankful. I also must invest in a coat.

Right now I don’t remember how to fall asleep. It happens new and more lately. My body needs something but refuses to speak. Perhaps a few hours of work will cure it.

Get Ready….

Today was just an amazing day.  And I’ve come home and I’m ready to get my blog in order, organize myself for the upcoming (very busy) week, and just generally gear up for what lies ahead.

The last schedule worked out quite well (while it lasted).  I’ve revamped a few things, made some stuff a little more open-ended.  Mostly, the music review thing was annoying me.  I’m not a music reviewer.  I don’t pretend to be, I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not good.  So I gave myself some wiggle room.  I’m curious to see where it is going.

I also had to give myself some writing room.  10thDotM is in some serious need of my incredible writing abilities and I really want to start taking a bigger part in Creative Infantcide.  (Since, you know, I haven’t done crap for them yet.)  Plus, I’m getting pretty durn good at knitting.  I’m making a bright pink scarf that will not only offend the eyeballs with its brightness but also cover a very large family of four.  It has been affectionately called my “pink comforter” and my “pink blanket.”  Plus, today I picked up the necessary tools to make my fingerless gloves.  WOO!

And, of course, the recipes.  I had fun with them but I am on a very tight food budget and even tighter space restrictions here with my roommate.  (She doesn’t get to leave the house very often, so she stocks up on food.  I have one tiny cupboard for all of my food and even less room in the freezer and fridge.)  I gave myself the room to just talk food and restaurants and bargain shopping.  (Hel-LLOOOO SAFEWAY!)

Anyway.  Jeff is getting on me about my 10thDotM entry.  Better get writing.

After midnight thoughts

It’s after midnight here in Colorful Colorado.  I ventured out with the 20-somethings to George’s again for another round of trivia.  My beloved team came in last, although I believe if there was a “Team Congeniality,” we would have won that without contest.  Perhaps that should be our team name next week….  I always feel like I need to study for trivia.  I leave feeling like I know absolutely nothing.  Similar to the feeling I get when playing Trivial Pursuit… “You mean you actually paid ATTENTION in the 90’s?  I didn’t know there would be a test!”

My first “day” of work is Friday at Best Buy here in town. It is only training.  Well, training before I do more training.

I should be happy I have a job.  I did move up here with less in-pocket cash than I should have.  I should have stuck with the job that was slowly draining the life out of me for just a little while longer until I had more saved up.  Then again, if not now… then when?  If I waited for more money, then it would have been waiting until the weather improves, or waiting for that mythical perfect job, or waiting for my lotto numbers to come up.  While I’m waiting on all of that, I might as well wait for the absolute perfect time when all the stars align and someone practically grabs all of my belongings and flings them from Texas to Colorado.  So… yeah.  I work at Best Buy part-time right now until my teaching license is approved by the Colorado Department of Education.  Then it will be on like Donkey Kong.  I still fear that perhaps this move was a little more expensive than I could bounce back from.  I feel like I’ve lost/am losing some pretty important attachments.  At the same time, I can’t help but feel that I’m finally where I’m supposed to be.  I just can’t shake the feeling that this is right.

In all honesty, the only thing that really sucks right now is that I don’t have a desk.  I finally have a bed.  An AMAZING bed.  A bed that my dog is completely taking advantage of right now.  My computer, however, is still perched on the floor.  WoW will not be on my list of things to do for a while.  I guess that is a good thing.  Although I did finally find some people to play Team Fortress 2.

I’m struggling with privacy right now.  I googled my name and my most-used nicknames.  Sadly, almost the entire first page is all completely my memberships on various sites.  Etsy, Last.fm, NaNoWriMo…. Do I really want to be that open?  Do I want to be that easy to track?

Wait… listen… do you hear that?

Its crickets.  Outside my window.  Cool breeze blowing through…. and I can almost smell the mountains.

So beautiful.  I can’t believe I spent thousands of dollars on “outdoors” themed candles for years when I could have just saved my pennies and moved somewhere that I could actually open the windows without either (1) dying of heat exhaustion or (2) dying of smog/chicken farm/pig farm/golf course pesticide inhalation.

And it doesn’t matter anymore.  Yes, last year I tried to write a chick-lit novel and it was actually pretty good.  I was almost 20k words into it when life hit me and I gave it up.  I love Etsy… it is my crack.  I will open my shop soon.  I’m knitting like crazy getting ready.  And it just doesn’t matter.  I’m easy to find.

And now I’m off to bed.  Mostly because my back is killing me from sitting here.  *lol*

I’m going to update/upgrade my blog schedule and get back on a SCHEDULE soon.  WOO!

OMG! Where have you BEEN?

Okay, so… I’m moved.  I’m living in a girl’s house outside of Longmont with my clothing, desktop, and camping equipment.  Literally, nothing else.  During a Wal-Mart run I gained food and a few plates and some pots.  So I can eat, sleep somewhat soundly, and have access to the internet.  My basic needs have been met.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my bed.  My miss ANY bed.  But after a while, it just doesn’t seem to matter.  I just make sure I’m tired when I lay down and sitting on the floor staring down at my monitor seriously cut back my WoW/Internet time.  I have cable again (through her) and my Netflix streams somewhat well on her (extremely slow) internet.  Maybe this is a strange way to get back to basics and get refocused.

The job hunt has been going well.  I have had a few interviews.  I was offered at PT job at the local Best Buy doing computer work.  (I always knew I was meant for Geek Squad, in one way or another.)  The job is a welcomed advancement.  Where the PT work might not pay even half of my bills, it does mean that money is on its way in.  Plus, the discounts are nothing to sneeze at.  If you have seen the gaming release schedule for the next few months, you’ll understand why I’m excited (Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2, Cataclysm….)

So the search continues for that elusive “perfect job.”  Right now I need to go shower and down a bottle of water for my drug test.  Oh yeah, and find some dorky black pants and a white shirt to rock out my first day of work in.

Yeah, that’s right.  My uniform comes with a cardigan. *lol*