Spring Break!

That glorious week in the middle of the last semester where you get to unwind… relax…

Unless, of course, you were told earlier in the semester that you don’t have a job next year.  In that case, it is a frantic search for fall employment.  I believe I have something lined up.  Finally.  We’ll see.

I made myself a deal.  Most of the time, when we return from a break, I feel that I had wasted away my lovely break doing stupid crap.  My papers were graded on Monday and Tuesday.  The grades were entered early this morning.  Then Lucky and I started working on my “goal list” for this week.

We hiked out in Boulder (Take Lucky on two hikes, Take pictures in at least 3 locations)
I’ve made plans with Lynda to possibly snowboard (Go snowboarding if weather permits)
Made my library “shopping list” (Find a new author to love)
Played “Words with Friends” six inches away from my opponent (Make a new friend)

And since the wind is howling outside my door, tonight will be a mix of video games, books, and writing.  (Finish a book, Finish a game, and Two chapters of the novel)


Yay Spring Break.  Just what I needed to recharge.