What I did on my Christmas Break

♥ Finished grading all of the final essays from my first six weeks as a teacher at East High School.
♥ Cooked an anniversary dinner for my grandparents.
♥ Watched more television than I care to admit (yet I am so glad I had the chance to)
♥ Drove to Dallas, then Jena, then Alexandria, then Jena, then Dallas, then back to Longmont
♥ Was reunited with a beautiful, blue guitar that loves me.
♥ Witnessed my dog fall in love with a stuffed lamb named Lambchop (who has since suffered a traumatic ear loss)
♥ Found a race or two to make my 2011 more exciting
♥ Finished my bestie’s Christmas present during a marathon couch sitting session.
♥ Finished a few audiobooks and nowhere near enough printed books.
♥ Wrapped a few presents that made people smile
♥ Was stood up a few times
♥ Hung out with an old friend and laughed
♥ Reminisced about summers of my youth and sent warm thoughts to the important players of my Act I.
♥ Counted the blessings that come with having a constant companion like Lucky and contemplated expanding the brood
♥ Resolved to make more time for things I love.


4 responses to “What I did on my Christmas Break

  1. Sounds like you had a full and fun time! 🙂 I’m so glad you got to see your grandparents and BFF. Most important. I think you should add to your brood. I think Lucky would love a fellow doggy buddy to hang out with while you’re at school teaching.
    If you did get a second dog what breed would you get? I’m sure you’d probably get a sweet pound dog. Those always turn out to be the best dogs.

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