Here’s to Amazing Beginnings

I’m in a hotel bed in San Antonio. Thanksgiving has brought me down here for several reasons. Chief among them is to tattoo away the anger and self-loathing and pull me down to earth. I’ve been waiting for this since September. I’m ready.

I’ve worked as a high school English teacher for two weeks up in Denver. I love my school, I love my students. I’m happy as a lark in my career for the first time in years. I’m moving out of a bad living situation into a place of my own. Well, I’ll pay a landlord to call it my own. The school takes me farther out of the mountains than I’d like but schools like this are hard to come by…so I don’t really mind.

There is a boy. I’m more cautious than I have ever been. Then again, my baggage is just a few pounds heavier and my trust several inches thinner. It may be too soon and it may be just what I need. He is intelligent. He works hard. There are also other things with which I’m uncomfortable. Time will tell.

They called for snow in Colorado while I was supposed to be gone. Now it has been changed to Monday, my first day home. Almost like God doesn’t want me to miss a snowflake. For that I am thankful. I also must invest in a coat.

Right now I don’t remember how to fall asleep. It happens new and more lately. My body needs something but refuses to speak. Perhaps a few hours of work will cure it.


2 responses to “Here’s to Amazing Beginnings

  1. I am thrilled that you had some dreams realized and that you’re also maybe making some new ones? That’s great… that’s what life is all about… moving onward and upward.

  2. It sounds like you’re doing awesome Krys. I am so happy for you!!! šŸ™‚ To think you live where you want, a job you’ve wanted for a long time and to have a lucky man in your life. WOW. Patience is a virtue, but it’s worth the wait. šŸ™‚

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