Here’s to Amazing Beginnings

I’m in a hotel bed in San Antonio. Thanksgiving has brought me down here for several reasons. Chief among them is to tattoo away the anger and self-loathing and pull me down to earth. I’ve been waiting for this since September. I’m ready.

I’ve worked as a high school English teacher for two weeks up in Denver. I love my school, I love my students. I’m happy as a lark in my career for the first time in years. I’m moving out of a bad living situation into a place of my own. Well, I’ll pay a landlord to call it my own. The school takes me farther out of the mountains than I’d like but schools like this are hard to come by…so I don’t really mind.

There is a boy. I’m more cautious than I have ever been. Then again, my baggage is just a few pounds heavier and my trust several inches thinner. It may be too soon and it may be just what I need. He is intelligent. He works hard. There are also other things with which I’m uncomfortable. Time will tell.

They called for snow in Colorado while I was supposed to be gone. Now it has been changed to Monday, my first day home. Almost like God doesn’t want me to miss a snowflake. For that I am thankful. I also must invest in a coat.

Right now I don’t remember how to fall asleep. It happens new and more lately. My body needs something but refuses to speak. Perhaps a few hours of work will cure it.