Get Ready….

Today was just an amazing day.  And I’ve come home and I’m ready to get my blog in order, organize myself for the upcoming (very busy) week, and just generally gear up for what lies ahead.

The last schedule worked out quite well (while it lasted).  I’ve revamped a few things, made some stuff a little more open-ended.  Mostly, the music review thing was annoying me.  I’m not a music reviewer.  I don’t pretend to be, I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not good.  So I gave myself some wiggle room.  I’m curious to see where it is going.

I also had to give myself some writing room.  10thDotM is in some serious need of my incredible writing abilities and I really want to start taking a bigger part in Creative Infantcide.  (Since, you know, I haven’t done crap for them yet.)  Plus, I’m getting pretty durn good at knitting.  I’m making a bright pink scarf that will not only offend the eyeballs with its brightness but also cover a very large family of four.  It has been affectionately called my “pink comforter” and my “pink blanket.”  Plus, today I picked up the necessary tools to make my fingerless gloves.  WOO!

And, of course, the recipes.  I had fun with them but I am on a very tight food budget and even tighter space restrictions here with my roommate.  (She doesn’t get to leave the house very often, so she stocks up on food.  I have one tiny cupboard for all of my food and even less room in the freezer and fridge.)  I gave myself the room to just talk food and restaurants and bargain shopping.  (Hel-LLOOOO SAFEWAY!)

Anyway.  Jeff is getting on me about my 10thDotM entry.  Better get writing.


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