OMG! Where have you BEEN?

Okay, so… I’m moved.  I’m living in a girl’s house outside of Longmont with my clothing, desktop, and camping equipment.  Literally, nothing else.  During a Wal-Mart run I gained food and a few plates and some pots.  So I can eat, sleep somewhat soundly, and have access to the internet.  My basic needs have been met.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my bed.  My miss ANY bed.  But after a while, it just doesn’t seem to matter.  I just make sure I’m tired when I lay down and sitting on the floor staring down at my monitor seriously cut back my WoW/Internet time.  I have cable again (through her) and my Netflix streams somewhat well on her (extremely slow) internet.  Maybe this is a strange way to get back to basics and get refocused.

The job hunt has been going well.  I have had a few interviews.  I was offered at PT job at the local Best Buy doing computer work.  (I always knew I was meant for Geek Squad, in one way or another.)  The job is a welcomed advancement.  Where the PT work might not pay even half of my bills, it does mean that money is on its way in.  Plus, the discounts are nothing to sneeze at.  If you have seen the gaming release schedule for the next few months, you’ll understand why I’m excited (Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2, Cataclysm….)

So the search continues for that elusive “perfect job.”  Right now I need to go shower and down a bottle of water for my drug test.  Oh yeah, and find some dorky black pants and a white shirt to rock out my first day of work in.

Yeah, that’s right.  My uniform comes with a cardigan. *lol*


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