Punk Goes Classic Rock

I’ve loved the Punk Goes… series for a long time.  It started with a Punk Goes Acoustic CD and spiraled into Metal, Pop, Crunk, and finally Classic Rock. 

And holy crap it is amazing.  I don’t even have to listen to the CD to tell you about it.  I waited up until midnight the day it was released to grab it as soon as it came out.  It is my “Go To” CD for exciting road adventures.

This is the point where i really should tell you that I am a huge fan of covers.  So much that I believe I have over 30 different CDs that are dedicated to covers.  (Steve Earle covering Townes Van Zant, New Found Glory covering movie songs….twice, at least 18 different CDs entitled “Awesome Covers V##”… you get the idea.)

That being said, the creators of Punk Goes went out and actually found a pretty good mix of bands.  They’re not punk bands but I recognized a bunch of them, which means that they were really aiming for popular stuff this time.  (They never really have been punk bands.)

My top five for this CD:

  1. “More Than a Feeling” as done by Hit the Lights  (For some reason, this song gets stuck in my head every time I play WoW.)
  2.  Dream On as done by blessthefall
  3.  Your Love as done by I See Stars (I love Outfield… I’ll admit it.)
  4. Free Fallin as done by The Almost.    (Tom Petty.  🙂  Done very well.)
  5. Pour Some Sugar On Me as done by The Maine.

I’m off to drive around and sing at the top of my lungs.


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