John Updike: “A&P”

I still find it odd that “A&P” is among my favorite short stories, seeming that it his heavily influenced by JD Salinger’s early work. 

Nonetheless, today’s little pice of literature comes to you from John Updike’s pen.  “Modern day chivalry” at its best.  That is in quotations because… well… it was either chivalry or an excuse to quit his job.  I’m leaning toward excuse but who is counting?

What draws me to this story over and over is the imagery.  There really isn’t much dialogue considering how much is going on.  Updike brings us in to discover his world with our other senses first… sights and sounds.  Then we get the dialogue that gives us the overall conflicts. 

He describes the girls with such detail that if i had the ability to draw something other than stick figures… I would try. 🙂


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