Dr. Jonathan Swift

Today’s piece of literary genius is brought to you by Dr. Jonathan Swift.  It is one of his more popular pieces called “A Modest Proposal.”

Political writing seems to have become something of a pissing contest.  Everyone’s writing books bashing someone who doesn’t have the same belief system they do.  It seems we have lost the fundamental basis of what made this country in the first place–the right and privilege to have your own ideas.  Instead of being intelligent about debate and differences, we have resorted to name calling and defensiveness.

Rewind to the 1700’s and the era of the political satire.  Educated people would facilitate change by making people see how stupid they were acting.  They brought us the greatest political literature every written:  the satire.  Voltaire’s Candide, Gulliver’s Travels, and “Modest Proposal” all came together to poke fun at the way the government and society was conducted.  In the 1800’s, Oscar Wilde continued the tradition by launching a full-out “attack” on society.

…and people got mad.  As they always do when they don’t understand something.

So for your Monday enjoyment, here is Dr. Swift doing the wonders of “tongue-in-cheek.”  Now where are my gloves……


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