The Narrative: Just Say Yes EP

This week I have decided to look at a band/EP that I had found through the website Uvumi.  When my Lifehacker feed presented this new streaming audio site to me, I was curious.  So, after filling out yet another form that asks me for too much information, I started exploring.

Finding new music is always an adventure.  Lately, I have been heavily into Lucero, Mickey & the Motorcars, Son Volt, Drive-by Truckers, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.  I believe they call these bands Alt-Country.  I’ve also been known to listen to classical, pop, rock, classic rock, alternative, rap, R&B….  

You get the idea.

Today’s band is called The Narrative.  They were #1 on Uvumi when I signed up and I instantaneously fell in love.  Th e band is a trio out of Long Island, NY.  They recently (as in back in July) released their first full-length album.

It isn’t often that  you find a group that has a strong singer.  With the advent of aut0-tune, even the evening news can become something of a pop sensation.  (And a child who is having his finger bit by a baby…. but I digress.)  Even some of the female-lead bands that I love are heavily “corrected.”  Hearing Evanescence’s lead singer without any kind of help was almost as horrible as someone running their nails down a chalkboard.

The EP “Just Say Yes” accentuates their pop roots.  The songs are a little more substantial than the “usual” pop songs.  There are no songs about articles of clothing…or boobs.  And looking at the songs in written form give you the impression that they had all started as poems instead of song lyrics.  The music itself is simple, piano, guitar, drums, and male and female vocals.  Where the music is simple, it allows the overall package to shine. 

Songs you should definitely catch:  “Photographer’s Daughter” and “Castling.”

They probably won’t top the Billboard charts or show up on the  iTunes top ten list, but they are worth at least a few good listens.


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