Salado, Texas

For today’s “Free-For-All,” I traveled 20 minutes out of Temple into a tiny tourist town named Salado.  Here are some of the views!

Salado comes complete with sidewalk stamps, so you never forget what town you are in.


They create signage that is easily understood by all people.

One of the shopping areas has gorgeous rock walls and benches.  Gorgeous, but not condusive to long rests.

On a more serious note, Main Street shows the signs of what the town is geared toward:  Someone who has everything.  Shops that sell local artist work, homemade fudge, and “gift shops” that sell large, expensive furniture and interesting housewares line the streets.  Next to a Tea Room, I found this treasure:

… and I thought “If ever I open my store, it will be in this building.”  Huge windows, lots of light, vaulted ceilings with skylights, my own back yard to put hammocks and tables….

Who wouldn’t want to wander books there?


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