Go Radio: Do Overs and Second Chances

Since this is my first music post, let me explain a little something to you about how I view music.  At the root of it all, I see music as poetry (spoken or otherwise) that is just too powerful to simply write.  It has such a drive behind it that the person who wrote it simply can’t be happy with seeing it in black and white.  They have to shout it, make it stick in our heads, haunt us with it.

That being mentioned, I’ll have to admit that I like my music with what I consider “good lyrics.”  Or no lyrics at all.  Take it or leave it.  🙂


Go Radio recently released their second EP, “Do Overs and Second Chances.”  Their sound is a lot like the better days of Mayday Parade since, well, Jason Lancaster was what made Mayday Parade worth listening to.  When he struck out on his own, he formed Go Radio.

History aside, he released a smattering of what was to come for this band back in 2008.  Finally, in 2010… we see what he has done.  It doesn’t disappoint.

In my opinion, the EP ends on the best note.  The final two songs are by far the best, “You Hold Your Breath, I’ll Hold My Liquor” and “Goodnight Moon.”  With lines like “And I’ve been trying way too long,/To try and be the perfect song,/When our hearts are heavy burdens,/We shouldn’t have to bear alone…”  and “We’ll start the night out with a promise/Sing it loud and honest/But at the end of this we won’t feel a thing…”, how could it not be?

My verdict is this:  If you’re a fan of “Lesson in Romantics” by Mayday Parade and the slower, sappier versions of Boys Like Girls and Marianas Trench… give it a listen.  If you could do without hearing a boy whine about the girl who did him wrong, don’t bother.


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