May the Countdown BEGIN!

With the recent stroke of happiness I have received (Thank you, St. Vrain and Aurora, but more on this in a moment), I’ve put my blog schedule into action.  On August 15th, the madness begins!  My plan is to continue the schedule through October.  Give it a good solid two months to sink in before I make any changes.  The calendar is created, the reminders set… This should be entertaining!

So what is this about St. Vrain and Aurora?  WHAT is St. Vrain and Aurora?  They are school districts in the Denver/Boulder area.  I have officially been accepted as a St. Vrain PIE candidate with the potential to pick up a position that has AP classes and Aurora is interviewing me for a high school language arts position today!  Who would have thought my “big break” would have come in the final hour?  School starts in Aurora TOMORROW and St. Vrain starts the 18th.  So, setting my blog to begin on the 15th gives me time to get organized… whether it is in Colorado or Texas.

I’m also hoping to re-start my photo project.  I’m snooping around for a new lens for my camera since my other one is busted.  But I can make due until I find one.

Yay for new beginnings!!


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