An update… random thought style

*  The joking about how I need a headphone jack tattoo still continues to swirl around my head.  I have an 8o gig iPod and can sing most every song (or at least part of them) on it.  I have CDs stacked up that I haven’t loaded onto it yet because there simply isn’t room for them on the hard drive.  If this alone doesn’t qualify me as a human jukebox, I don’t know what does.  But do you think tattooing on a Mute button will help me learn to shut my mouth?

*  Desktop is back up and running.  I was so excited that I played World of Warcraft instead of doing anything productive.  My main toon has finally been leveled to 80.  They say the game starts at endgame, I’m excited to see if this is true.  And to level my death knight to at least 70 before Cataclysm.

*  Netflix is putting more and more on their instant list.  I’ve started “Avatar:  The Last Airbender (Book 1)” and picked up an old favorite, “Firefly,” to watch.  I’ve recently finished all of the “Dirty Jobs” available, “Prototype This,” “Mythbusters,” “Cake Boss,” and (disc version of) “True Blood (Season 2)”.  The three disks they have sent me have been sitting there for almost month… ever since I finished True Blood.  They’re great movies (“Whip it,” “Payback,” and “Mallrats”) but I just can’t seem to justify sitting there for two hours even when what I’m doing isn’t much better.

*  I’ve been reading A Game of Thrones for the better part of a month now.  Actually, I believe it will be a month this weekend.  With floods, WoW, work, and Netflix on my Xbox… I just haven’t made time to read.  I’m so ashamed.

*  In preparation for my upcoming “Blog Schedule,” I’ve picked up a challenge that Elise Blaha and her new hubby have done:  no eating out.  I probably won’t go an entire month simply because… well… they have each other.  Eating out gives me a chance to be around people.  But I’m willing to commit to two weeks to explore different ideas I have on feeding one mouth without takeout and how to feed a sushi obsession without my friends down at Nami. 

*  Denver Public Schools have their teachers returning August 13th.  Boulder probably will start around then also.  I haven’t gotten much more than a nibble once out of a god-awful number of applications to schools in North Carolina, Colorado, and Texas.  I’m beginning to wonder what my next step should be.  My brain (and friends) are screaming for me to go Colorado, but my bills and the “NC House Trouble” are making me hesitant.  Plus, well… all the positions at Boulder that I qualify for are closed.  Denver has dwindled down to middle school and bilingual positions.  Outlook:  Not so Good.

*  Is staying with a job that you despise better than having no job at all?

*  Packing is hard.  Unpacking is even harder when it isn’t somewhere you want to be.

*  Next baking adventure is going to be cheesecake.  I want to figure out a way to make little ones so I don’t eat the entire cheesecake myself in one sitting.  I’ve realized, through tracking my meals and snacks, that I am a bit of a sugar addict.

*  Where I taught has openings.  Lots of them.  People seem to be running away from that place like you get the bubonic plague by looking at it.  I’m tempted… oh so tempted… to apply.  Then tell my bestie and my other buddy that I’m coming back and ONLY them.  Live out in the country, find another Wal-Mart to shop at… and another Moe’s to pillage….   And just let people believe I’m still out in Texas.


3 responses to “An update… random thought style

  1. hey! I completely forgot I had posted my blog address on Chicks on Lit! I need to get back on goodreads, I need good book suggestions! I don’t know where the Sandhill region is, but my dad and his fiance just moved to Fayetteville (well, Eastover more specifically). You’re in TX now??I’ve never been to Cat’s Cradle yet, but I do hear it’s awesome! 🙂

  2. I am ESTATIC to find that you are finally reading A Game of Thrones!
    I just started The Art of Racing in the Rain last night on audiobook– do I remember you saying you’ve read this, or wanted to???
    And as to the last paragraph of your post, well, you know I’d be happy for you either way! You gotta take charge of whatever’s next.

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