Things are slowly drying.  The dehumidifier has been running for almost four days now.  The air is dry and the walls are still somewhat damp.  The aftermath is a flurry of insurance calls and hard decisions.

On Wednesday night, the tiny pipe that leads from the wall up to the toilet bowl (the one that brings the water in) had blown.  By blown, i mean strong currents of water shooting out from the disconnected end with enough force to grace the floor of my entire two bedroom apartment with four inches of standing water. 

What is now being jokingly called “The Great Flood of 2010” has claimed my beloved MacBook Pro, my sewing machine, my scale, and all the books that were on the floor or close to the floor.  The desktop tower escaped with only minor repairs being needed.  The furniture (being pressed particleboard mostly) all has a nice flare at the bottom where the wood has expanded.  My bookshelves are all destroyed.

I had plans to start my blog schedule this week.  I posted my plans today to give myself motivation to see the potential the schedule gives me to get my life back in order.  All I can think about is how hard my floor is without carpet padding and the mildew smell that keeps wafting from various corners.

And that I want to move to Colorado.

To gain control of what is going on, I’ve started putting things in boxes.  I wasn’t supposed to do this until I was on my way to Colorado.  The whole act makes me wonder, what’s stopping me from just packing my things up and going right now?  And if I move into a new apartment, will that allow me to get too comfortable where I don’t go?

In my mental plan of what was going to happen this summer, I would have a teaching position in Colorado no later than July 1st, giving me time to enjoy Boulder, find a place to live, and lost of hiking time to get “acclimated.”

As a back-up, insert same scenario only with me teaching in San Antonio instead.

And as a back-up to the back up, insert that scenario again with me teaching somewhere in North Carolina.

July 4th was a shock.  No interviews, no nibbles, no nothing.  You can imagine how big of a shock it was today when I realized that its July 12th.  My mental “freak out” date is a week from Friday.  A week from Friday I am forcing myself to mentally give up the whole Partners in Education/teaching in Boulder/Denver/Arvada/Broomfield/etc thing and start looking for non-teaching positions.

My mind is made up… I want to live in Colorado.  Its just a matter of when do I go?

Meanwhile, stay tuned.  I’ll start my schedule up soon!


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  1. You need to *kill* your mental calendar. Projected goals are the worst thing to ever happen to me, I swear! Otherwise you will make yourself into an anal-retentive nutcase!! I know this…

  2. I’m big into signs and all this would be huge flashing signs to me to pack up and go to CO and find a non-teaching job there until i found a teaching job. Taht’s just me though.

  3. hi! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! How did you find me, if I may ask?? I noticed you mentioned NC – great place to live, esp Chapel Hill! 🙂

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