What is that?  That would be a Ruprict from Moe’s.  The single thing in this world that I slowed down enough to enjoy chip by chip.  I’ve been searching the shelves of my local HEB for a good tomatillo salsa that can compare to the perfection in those plastic cups.  After over a year, I am still utterly disappointed and contemplating relocating to locales closer to a Moe’s.

So why am I posting a random picture of food?  Honestly, its because it was at that moment I realized that I need to slow down.  I say that in almost every post.  I know this.  I’ll probably say it another thirty times before I actually figure out HOW to slow down.  At this point in my twelve-step process of regaining control of my life and progress… I am at step one:  admit you have a problem.

And for putting up with my rant, you get a shot of my chest.  This happened AFTER the Moe’s lunch.  I got to sit in with Sweet Laraine.  I gave her an idea, she went with it.  My chest is now almost perfect.  I haven’t taken the “after” pictures yet.  For those of you who are not familiar with tattoo procedures, this is basically a carbon copy of a picture that is temporarily placed before a tattoo artist starts the actual tattoo. Its probably my favorite part of the whole process.

In other news and worlds, things have been progressing along slowly.  I went to some Blackboard training two hours away to try to secure a different job for myself.  I’m still stuck playing the part of the recruiter for a little while longer. As I always think from the outside, the job seems like a perfect match.  I’m aching to return to education (I had dreams I was a college history professor last night… me… the person who can’t tell you for sure what the difference is between WWI and WWII besides Hitler) and I love computer based learning.  Prior to this, I have even applied to go to Texas State for a Masters in Educational Technology.  I’m tentative.  It seems so perfect… what could I possibly be missing?

I spent most of my day off today watching snow fall in large fluffy chunks.  And avoiding a warrant for my arrest.  The month of February has slipped by a bit faster than I had anticipated.  The first part of the month was spent rallying and organizing.  Valentine’s Day slipped by as things got hectic, and now we are in our last week of the month and I haven’t done my Defensive Driving course for my ticket.  Unfortunately, if I fail to receive my certificate quickly (i.e. within the next four or five days) I will be a wanted fugitive of the law.  Its funny how that works.

On a brighter note, my dog has no idea what a snowman is.  In his doggie perception, it was a small, abnormally white child with murderous intentions that could be subdued by a steady stream of urine on it’s lower abdomen.  He crouched, he barked, he shyly walked around it until he thought the small errant child couldn’t see him, then he sniffed and carefully lifted his leg.  Some poor human child had made a snowman and went inside for a cup of cocoa leaving their precious winter creation to the devices of ignorant canines and bah humbug twenty-somethings.

And in the wild ruckus of the day, my one thought was “I should have put out a bowl so I could have some snow with chocolate syrup.”  I guess in my own special way, I’m mentally living back in Pittsburgh as a carefree eight year old.

And now I’m off to finish my Salinger novella (are we going to have a novella discussion again?), start the second part of the book, and watch some good old Firefly.  Enjoy your evening!


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  1. Can’t believe you are as additced to tomtatilla salsa as I am. I really missed that the last time you and I had Moe’s together. Sometimes I order a whole meal from Moe’s but the whole time anticipating and craving the chips with tomatilla.

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