I always find myself somewhat resistant to change.  It takes me a few days to adjust when Facebook does one of their infamous homepage updates.  Taking on something new and exciting always seems like a great idea until the moment I have to commit to it.  That’s when all of the “what if”‘s start creeping in.

Those are the thoughts that kill me.  I had a chance at a pretty big opportunity today that I’m very excited about.  It will be a career move up in a field that I where I have a lot of skills and actually would be rather good at.  It fits with my “I’m not changing jobs again unless…” list perfectly.  And, if I play my cards right, it might even mean that I can continue my Master’s degree for a drastically reduced cost at a school that has an unblemished reputation.

But yesterday, after the giddyness subsided and I was left to do the mental planning and taking stock of experiences for the interview, I found myself thinking about staying where I am.  There’s only a few things I’ve found I’m not good at.  One happens to be designing trusses and the other happens to be recruiting.  I sit at a desk and try to think of ways I can get out of actively recruiting.  That takes me almost ten hours, which is my entire day.  I go home and complain about having to go to bed to wake up and do the whole thing again.  So why in the world would I want to stick with it?

On the same note, I’m more than ready to get out of the position I’m in and move on to something else.  I’m sitting on a time bomb of sorts.  You can only come to work with a novel in hand and read all day so many times before someone gets jealous.  I have a feeling my time is coming very quickly.  Maybe what I did today will come to fruition.  Maybe they’ll see that I’d be good at it… or maybe they’ll smell my desperation and think it goes well with dusty tomes and intelligent dribbling.

February has already been more kind of me than most of the past year and we’re only about 5 days in.  Western Carolina has accepted me  in to receive my add-on Gifted licensure from them.  They’re also “encouraging” me to apply to get my Master’s degree through them.  Part of me thinks, “Hey!  Why not!”  Maybe if all else fails, I’ll move back to NC and live in the mountains like I’ve kept swearing I was going to do.  All-in-all, its nice to know some affordable, nice school out there thinks I’m worth it.

So now it’s late Friday afternoon and I’m debating what to do with myself… coming down off of a high from making a blubbering idiot of myself in an interview and finding out about an exciting opportunity to attend a college I love.  Why does my good month have to be the shortest one of the year?


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  1. If you go to Western, my two most fav people in the world will be there at virtually the same time. Is this a coincidence???

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