Weekly Kicker – What is your superpower?

We grow up thinking that superpowers give us the ability to fly and have superhuman strength (Superman) or turn into a puddle (Alex Mack).  Maybe you found this awesome ring that gives you these powers (Green Lantern) or used your overactive imagination and incredibly large bank account to create a suit (Ironman).  Or, perhaps you were just a lowly box turtle who got mixed in with some radioactive goo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  However the superpowers come about, most normal humans (me) never get them.

I believe I came equipped with the power of education.  Almost all of my jobs have rotated around “Wow!  You do that well!  Teach me!” or “Teach them!” or “Make a manual!”  I loved it.  When I worked for my first truss manufacturer, we implemented a new computer program.  I travelled around our district teaching people how to use it.  They sent me out to a plant that already used it to learn more and then come back and teach everyone.  My retail positions always had me training new people.  And, of course, the most obvious position… as a high school English teacher.  There is something about mastering something to the point where you can help someone else.  I’m drawn to it and I’m really good.

Except in math.  But that’s another story for another time.


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