Weekly Kicker (Women on Writ): Passion and Creativity

My post passionate and creative endeavors usually begin at night.  I’ve always been somewhat of a night person.  During college, it would take me well past 10 PM to even begin writing papers.  For some reason, I am able to focus better after the sun has gone down and the stresses of the day have been tucked away.

Another time I experience the rush of creativity is when I experience another person’s astounding vision and ingenuity.  If I’ve read an incredible book, I want to write.  If i see something cute on Etsy that I can’t afford, I want to recreate it.  When I see someone using all of their creative potential, it makes me want to do the same.  It is because of this I completely understand why artistic communes were so wide spread.  Can you imagine how creative you could be surrounded by other amazing creative minds?


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