Back from the dead.

November hasn’t been very kind to me. 

For starters, I know everyone says that about the holiday season.  Especially for the working-full-time-and-trying-to-get-a-master’s-degree-while-maintaining-a-house-and-long-distance-relationship.  Then again, if the holidays were easy, Christmas would last all year.

NaNoWriMo ends today.  Where I’m excited that I had the opportunity to finally participate, I’m deeply disappointed by my sheer lack of the ability to boost my word count.  At the middle of week two, I was almost 5k words behind.  Week 3, I gave up.  My ending word count is almost 20k words.  I didn’t even make it halfway.  I almost had the insane idea to stay up last night and try to crank out 5k words so I can at least say I made it halfway.  Albert talked me out of it.  A guy that can that talks you out of killing yourself to be a half-assed writer is definitely worth keeping.

School is winding down.  I’ve found that even with a month warning that you will be out of the country and away from a computer, people will still try to give you their stuff to do.  And you’ll come back from aforementioned trip out of the country and realize that two days after you get back from the entire trip, you’ll have a comprehensive final.

My trip was amazing.  Thanks almost entirely to Albert.  I say almost entirely because the general population of that section of Europe has a special way of making my American humor sing their glory.  Laughing at them even helped keep me from being the blubbering fool as I had to go through customs and leave the country at the end of my trip.

As with every vacation, it wasn’t nearly long enough, didn’t get to do nearly half of the things I had stored in my head to do, and I have no idea where the time went.  The company was amazing and a trip that could have been stressful and rained on was nothing but one huge, fun adventure.  He’s an amazingly good sport with an easy smile, even when you make him walk over four miles in Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower. 

THAT was what it was like to really have fun in good company.

And now I’m left to drive back to Texas tomorrow.  My countdown calendar is back to counting up the days since my last adventure with him.  I hate when it counts up… but until things are straight at home… it has to keep counting. 

And now off to find my audiobooks and get to sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.


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