Theme Thursday: Climate Change (Part I)

As in the spirit of the Climate Change movement, I am supposed to blog about the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle that will help improve the environment.

Recently, I’ve switched over from using bottled water to carrying my own reusable bottle.  I buy the 2.5 gallon fridge spigot water and fill my wonderful blue water bottle as often as I care to.  (On days where I am sure work will be especially boring, I fill more frequently to justify more hall wandering and bathroom solitude.)  Unfortunately, before moving I didn’t even BUY water since NC water tastes pretty good filtered.  TX water… not so much.  The only reason I even picked up the water bottle was because it was blue and I suck at replacing water bottles in the fridge.  I got so tired of room temperature water.

I officially work across the street from my apartment.  This street, however, rivals the Indy 500 race track in traffic and reckless abandon style driving.  I am also guilty in this very dangerous game of chicken with the students of the college.  So contrary to my time back on the east coast where I was driving an hour and a half to work, I now have the choice to walk to work.  (Notice I said “choice.”)

My biggest donation to Mother Earth has been to donate moisture to an arid enviorment and attempt to somewhat cool my general vicinity.  I often accidentally leave the sliding glass door open and my air conditioner set on 80.  Friends, let me tell you:  I don’t remember the last time it was below 80 in Texas.  Actually, I lied.  We had a cold front come through last week and there were two days in there I *seriously* considered putting on a long sleeved t-shirt.  It was more for protection from the pelting rain than any warmth factor.  As I am trying desperately to meet the lowest standard of “passing” as deemed by the United States Army in Physical Aptitude (a.k.a. running until I feel like I’m simply moving my legs to keep myself from face-planting in some very strange tennis ball-looking tree deposits), I have donated gallons and gallons of my own perspiration to this very dry climate in an effort to assist the formation of rain clouds that deposit rain into our water supplies.

Most of my efforts have concentrated in educating others on how they can improve their carbon footprint.  For example, just today I was informing a fellow driver that they should simply “leave it at home” if they can’t drive it.  I also made the estute observation that one of my coworkers was releasing more than their allotted amount of carbon dioxide into the world and they should do the world a favor and “shut it.”  I have also alerted to my boss that the less output I produce, the less paper I ultimately utilize.  Therefore, the more I play on the internet and blog during work hours, the more trees I save.

So yes, I’m doing things to help my environment.  What are YOU doing?


9 responses to “Theme Thursday: Climate Change (Part I)

  1. lol. loved the humor. we grow our own vegetables, what we dont eat we throw at the deer that try to eat them before we can. the boys made some pretty artsy recycle bins out of cardboard boxes as well. happy tt!

  2. Loved this…you have quite a sense of humor and great writing style! My hubby walks to work…about 3 blocks. He didn’t really start doing it to save the earth, but for exercise.

  3. Right now, my house is at 20 degrees celsius. It will be around 18 while we sleep. We heat with a gas, cast-iron stove and only rarely use the furnace, except in really brutal weather.
    That’s one of the things we do.

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