Moments before sleep…

I’m about to go to bed.  In recent days, that doesn’t necessarily mean sleep is quickly coming, it just means I’m heading to lay in bed for a few hours and curse the fact that I can’t sleep.

This week has been an entertaining one, to say the least.  I have ants in my car.  Don’t ask me how this happens because it is beyond me.  They came in to partake of a cup of Coke I didn’t finish and decided to stick around to snack on my hands and arms.  And the McFlurry I accidentally left in there last night.  I’m somewhat unsure of how to proceed to get rid of them.  Spraying the car with Raid for Ants will not only accomplish getting rid of the ants, but will gas me out of my own vehicle and/or give me an wonderful shot at being the most cancer-ridden individual in modern medical history.  We could agree to coexist but there isn’t enough Cortizone cream in central Texas to assist me with the skin irritation.  Not to mention the fact that I constantly have that creepy-crawly feeling that something is climbing my back or my pant leg.  I may the car payments, so I vote that they need to vacate.  Or start paying.  One of the two.

We’ve been doing a heavy load of student recruiting.  This reinforces the decision in my mind that I have (in fact) made a very WRONG career move.  Wrong to the point that I haven’t even made it past the first month (or the first three weeks) without actively job hunting and reiterating to my supervisor that this job, in fact, will be listed again as soon as I find something else to do.  She is even helping me find something else to do.  That, my friends, is bad.

The National Guard recruiter has yet to contact me.  I believe I was supposed to call him today, as I had promised.  I need to make sure I do that tomorrow.  While I’m doing stupid crap for my stupid job.  Boo.

Okay.  I’m going to sleep.  🙂


2 responses to “Moments before sleep…

  1. For the ants, go buy some of that green clean stuff at your grocery store (Clorox makes it… it’s some eco-friendly stuff) and spray the ants with that. It melts them and smells good, to boot!

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