Okay, so I admit.  After 30 days of posting daily, it feels a little weird not to come on here and give something.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to really give.  I didn’t go running (although I should have) and I didn’t get any studying done on my midterms.  I did do research all night while Private Practice played in the background.  Hopefully my group will be satisfied for half-ass, because honestly… I don’t know what they expect from me.  I have never been this lost in an academic environment before.  I’m learning, but not to the level I feel that I should be.  This is ME we’re talking about.  I’m smart.  I’m good at school.  I want to do it for a living.  Being lost is not an option.  Add in the fact that the new job isn’t as bright and shiny as I thought it was… and you have me.  At 10:21 on a Thursday night (after I went through almost the WHOLE DAY without realizing it was Thursday until Grey’s Anatomy posted something on Facebook).

This, my friends, is sad.


2 responses to “Aftershock

  1. 🙂 I love when there are things left to the book after it’s over.

    When I am lost, I ask the Universe for guidance. I take the whole package and give it away, like a baby in a basket, and wait for it to come back to me with a message.

    Just pay attention, because the baby doesn’t always look the same when it returns, so you have to be looking carefully in order to recognize it. But you are insightful. You will see it. Good luck, my young friend.

    “Will you succeed?
    Yes you will indeed!
    (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”

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