Day 22: (Belated)

Wasn’t sure where I was going with it, so I didn’t post it yet.



Day 23: (Theme Thursday) Nerds Gone Wild

She walked into my life when I was 12 complete with ripped skull tights and a plaid miniskirt.  She  stole my tampons and captured my imagination.

When she found me, I was studying dogs in an encyclopedia.  My grandparents had to keep me out of direct sunlight because my glasses would burn my own eyes out.  “Proper attire” was considered neon green shorts and my shirt from Disney World.  My hair was a golden helmet around my head giving the perfect illusion of angelic intent.

Hers was black.  Jet black.  And not naturally.  She looked more like an anorexic vampire than a punk rock kid.  The anorexic part probably isn’t funny.  I found out years later she was a heroin addict.  My idea of “cool” was completely modeled after a confused, lost, hurt 20-something who was addicted to drugs.

If it wasn’t for her, I would probably have an ass that could cover half of a county from sitting in a computer chair all day, every day.  I would probably think that the ultimate homage to WoW would be to dress up and storm BlizzCon.  I would probably have shelves of books on obscure texts and Star Wars fan fiction.  Having a special “someone” who loved video games would probably be my idea of the best relationship.  Or at least a healthy respect for the art of gaming.

The sad thing is, I do have shelves of obscure texts.  Ones about zombies in Austen novels, obscure oral stories from the times of the Vietnam War, and even a few books regarding certain *ahem* period literature.  I would love the chance to go to BlizzCon and having the balls to dress up and actually SHOW UP seems like it would be an incredible 30th birthday gift (HINT HINT).  And I can only honestly name one guy I’ve ever dated who wasn’t as die-hard about video games as I am.

So where does my favorite little punk have to do with innate nerdiness?

She saved me from being one of those girls you see clutching “Twilight” posters with gummi bears stuck in their braces.  Her glittering nose stud made a permanent mark in my head… and the spawn of Punk Rock Girl was born.

Seventeen facial piercings later… I found an affinity for body art… and my nerdiness kind of went over cover.  I became…

… Incognerdo.


Okay, on a side note… I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and became completely uninterested in this piece halfway through.  My bad, ya’ll.