Day 29: My thoughts on the project



2 responses to “Day 29: My thoughts on the project

  1. What a great thought “process”… as you are processing this entire event you have done, do not envy your friend… while, she accomplished a goal, being put in the mold of having an art degree, often makes one start over, as an artist. She will need to find her own place in this field, which will be difficult coming out of molded schooling.
    YOU have achieved much .. be proud of yourself, and also, please do not fear anything. The world is set up via media and etc, for us to ‘Fear’.. don’t watch, nor listen. Conform yourself to Love, and greatfulness instead.
    You are a special child of God.
    Do I sound like a Mom?.. Yes!! Don’t mean for the lecture, just know that we all care about you, and Congrats on doing the 30 day! Hugs, Darlene xo

  2. Here are some things I know about you:

    You have a very creative mind and your own unique way of looking at the world.

    You are not afraid to express who you are.

    You finish the things that you start.

    You are a contemplative person.

    You love animals, and that means you also love anything that is open and helpless.

    You do not feel you need to follow rules of convention. (This, in my book, is a very, very GOOD thing.)

    You have a warm heart and an old soul inside a young mind. It’s been a fun journey visiting with you on these 30 days. I’ll be by to visit you now and then, so I hope you’ll keep posting pictures of my doggy.

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