And so I thought I’d let you know… That these things take forever, I especially am slow…

Class began yesterday.  School has always been something I’ve been especially good at, if you count learning as something to be mastered.

Unfortunately, the muses were against me for my Programming class.  My book failed to come in on time due to the seller “forgetting” to check their email.  (Its funny that they didn’t mention that there was an extra 50-something dollars in their bank account.)  So, I walked into class a little less prepared than I had wanted to.  I realized by the time I sat down and started talking to the lady beside me (a computer programmer that had worked for IBM for an unspecified amount of time) that there were reading assignments and class assignments on Blackboard that most had already completed.

Wait a second… what??

So Dr. C, a small lady from India who has an interesting list of computer-related accomplishments, began her class and my confidence level plummeted.  However, by the end of the class I had done my first little programming exercise (Hello, World!) and another one (another box that simply displays the name of the school when you push a button).  I was feeling kind of good about myself but still VERY much behind.

The research class wasn’t much better.  Of course, it was for a completely different reason.  We sat and read about every possible fact about publishing books.  Of course, you know, we’re all going to be published computer programmers some day.

Officially, I am fourteen chapters and two assignments behind and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since my class met.  I’m also put into a group for a group project that is due someday in the next five months.  One of my group members resides in Austin.  The other one is a cpt in the Army.  We’re off to a great start.  We’ve at least found each other, which is more than some of the other groups can say by now.  I hate group work.

In some other fun news, to counteract the technical thinking of I’m going to do 30 days of Creativity.  I think it would be an amazing endeavor.  And I have a back-up plan… I take a 365 every day… so there’s no way I’d miss a day.  Of course, I’m going to put more of an effort in to it.  I even started out well…(a day early, even)… I just made a font of my handwriting.  I know… I’m such a geek.

And now I’m digressing into mindless dribble.  Time to shower, clean, and start reading about how to program.


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