I’d say I miss you, but think I’d choke on the words…

The bright and relentless Texas sun has given way to rain clouds for the first time in a while.  Three little girls with linked hands and wildly blowing hair are walking down the street being led by their mother.  The birds that usually prance by my window disappeared hours ago before I received the message of a possible storm.  The rain is always a welcomed diversion from 105 degree heat.  The lightning, on the other hand, makes me think of wildfires.  I wonder if my rental insurance covers damage from porch plants being torched by bolts of electricity.

This week was supposed to be something bittersweet.  I have two days off of work to spend time with Albert before his departure next week.  Today was supposed to bring me news of a Graduate Assistantship at school, but instead brought news that I would have to wait until the 20th at the earliest to find out.  (A G.A. would give me in-state tuition and additional income, which is much needed.  Add in, my first payment on my exorbitant tuition bill is due the 21st.)  I am due to have a phone interview to possibly work with a local institution of higher learning.  Turns out, I have to drive to Austin to take three hours worth of testing by the time of my interview.  I am working with them to attempt to stop in after I take him to the Austin airport, but no one seems to want to compromise.

So I am essentially back at square one… thankful for tomorrow’s adventure and running on the treadmill of my career instead of climbing the ladder of success.


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