She said “I’m looking for things I’ll never see…Release me”….

I probably COULD go out and help them at the front desk.  I couldn’t actually do anything online for them or really do anything but “bitch work.”  I really could help.  I’m extremely capable with a copy machine and I’m honestly not doing anything back here at my desk besides shopping on Etsy and wondering why the hell Michael Jackson and Eric Church are the only two things my iPod wants to play on shuffle.  At the essential base of it all, I *COULD* help.

But I won’t.  And they know it.

Jessica came and went this weekend.  We had such a great time in San Antonio and Austin (and Gruene!)… it was really hard to see it all come to an end.  We spent two and a half days walking around in Texas’s blistering summer heat enjoying a culture that can only exist right here in central Texas.

We did a Segway tour first thing Saturday morning.  I have to admit, it was what I was the most excited about out of all of my plans.  Our tour guide was a little quirky (“I’m keeping things PG-13!” when asked about his interests.  Seriously, dude… are you into 70’s food fetish porn?  Brown chicken, brown cow!) but extremely knowledgeable in all things historical about San Antonio.  We did 13 mph through the King William district, bounced around on some stone streets, attempted to balance while photographing huge buildings… it was incredible.

We ventured through a huge junk shop on SoCo that was filled with oddities and old pictures.  It was actually large enough that you are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of random crap people can collect.  I want to run down this weekend and try to find some little things for my next art projects.

School will be starting in just about three weeks.  The nervousness surrounding having to deal with technical schooling with an artistic mind has almost completely dissipated.  My plan is to balance the math/technology based thinking with learning some new things artistically.  I’ve emailed the local community college to try to get into their evening photography class.  I’ve found some local classes on throwing pottery.  There are dancing classes, drawing classes…. and I might even try to find someone to teach me how to play a few new instruments like the violin or banjo.  Either way, my aim is to keep both sides of my head working.

Albert will be here the day after my class orientation.  In true form, my boss has yet to give me a “yes” or “no” on my proposed schedule for the two weeks he’s here.  Part of me really considers doing what she does and just no show up.  I’m sure that would get me in a lot of trouble, but she wouldn’t be here to find out since she… you know…never shows up.

Another one of my friends is leaving this week to go on their last little round of leave before they go to Germany.  Between my visitors and hers, we haven’t had much time to get together.  With her departure and then Albert’s to go back to work, I will essentially be back to square one here in Texas.  Hopefully school will afford me the pleasure of meeting some like-minded individuals.

Visiting Austin and being able to immerse myself into the culture down there really makes me want to move there.  Not actually *IN* Austin since I can’t stand large crowds or traffic, but I would like to live somewhere on the outskirts.  I had hopes to possibly transfer down there within the same department I’m in, but since I’m going on four months working and not being trained… I doubt I’m transferrable.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m off to find something to eat.  I hope you are all having a beautiful summer so far.


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