Hey boy, won’t you take me out tonight?…I get excited when I think of crawling into your arms…

I am writing from the comfortable confines of my bed tonight. In a recent perusal through my blog I realized that I haven’t updated in a long time.

The trip to Boston was a blast. I received some beautiful permanent artwork from Holly and followed the footsteps of the American Revolution just a few short days apart. I even became an honorary Red Sox fan for the day and visited Fenway Park. It felt good to travel again. I haven’t been able to do it much since I settled here in Texas.

Jessica comes down in just about two weeks. I went down to Austin today to look over a few places I wanted to take her and see how busy they get on the weekends. I ventured around the Texas State History Museum and was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to the capitol buildings. I also realized that I’ve never even ventured to the North Carolina capitol buildings even after living there for 13 years. That’s just kind of something you have to do when you live in a state… you have to see what its capitol is made of.

Exactly one month after Jessica comes, Albert comes through for his mom’s graduation.

Texas has been one huge learning experience so far. Things I’ve been fortunate enough to learn in the past six months (holy hell has it been that long already??) were lessons I think I was far too gone to learn in North Carolina. Things just seem to be a lot easier here. Granted, all the friends I have made here are moving away to distant lands and I’ll be back in square one again just in time to start school…

Things are easier.

well, it is after midnight and I am falling asleep typing. 🙂 I’ll update again before a month is out this time.


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