And it’s way way way it’s way to cold…To be at home…And I am what I am, yes I am what I am…It ain’t that bad…

Today is a gorgeous, rainy Saturday. The rain even cooled it off enough that I can have the windows open and be comfortable for once.

For the past few days we’ve had the windows open because the rat who resided with us passed away in the wall. He was sure to make sure his presence was known even in death. Apparently his pissed-off screeches every time I turned on the oven or rearranged the food on my shelves in the utility room weren’t enough for him. He had to make my apartment virtually impossible to live in for two whole days.

The next few months are going to be a whirlwind of activity. My job has finally decided to train me, but the training dates have yet to be determined. It can happen sometime within the next six months. Its amazing that you can work a job for almost a year and still not be fully trained. Maybe I’m just from another school of thought that dictates that training is an important aspect of the first few days of a worker’s responsibility.

On top of potential training, I’ve been denied almost all of my leave. I was able to con a few days in June to go and get tattooed. I’m going to go see Holly in Boston and have her make me even more beautiful than I already am.

Speaking of Holly, I was in a tattoo magazine in March! It was my arm and my bra strap, and I’m pretty sure that I would never get “recognized” off of it. I’m hoping to have her finish some more work to see if I can get a couple more shots in one. But, the most awesome part of that is that I satisfied one of my “before 30” criteria without even trying! I was published! Big ol’ check on that one.

I have visitors coming to see me all through the next few months. Most importantly is Jess. I can’t wait to see her…It will be nice to experience places with someone who knows me well. I’ve started my laundry list of places I need to take her. Congress Avenue and the bats… Maybe hit up San Antonio for the River Walk and McNay Art Museum. Plus, who can come to TX and not see the Alamo??

School starts in August with an orientation session. I’m trying hard to prepare for the unknown by studying some of the things I heard my advisor mention. Namely, statistics. I bought a statistics book and had planned on studying that hard for the next few months. I’ve been too involved in other things to look at it much. Maybe I should be doing that instead of blogging.

The rain has subsided enough that I think I can make it to the store. I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


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