Under your stars tonight…we live and breathe this dream…

It always seems no matter how much free time I get (i.e. three months off with no job and no job prospects coming through) that I never get done what I think I should. I basically did not work at all from Christmas until last week. That’s a long freaking time. And what do I have to show for it? Well, I’m a level 60 on my Alliance character and almost a 40 on my Horde. I have two chapters of my novel written and have gotten stuck. I’ve moved once across country and once across parking lot. And honestly, that is just about it.

On the other hand, I can honestly say it has been the happiest few months of my life. Being here, so far from everything I’ve known, has helped me to let go of something things that I’ve been struggling with. It has helped me forget hate, wrongdoings, self-worth issues. I’m not faced with the high school that made me so introverted and self-loathing. I’m not faced with the people who had been so fake to me for so long. I no longer have to face the people who cut me the deepest or betrayed me. I can finally let it rest because I know I can go to Wal-Mart and not have to worry about someone whispering behind my back. I can go to the mall and shop and not run into someone who knows the entire history of my past. To these people, I’m just some blonde chick with tattoos going into EB Games. Nothing out of the ordinary… nothing strange. I love the feeling of starting over.

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t do it. There were many points in time where I had thought about it. I had even started the whole process just to freak at the last second or allow myself to give in to that first month of intense homesickness.

So I’m here. I’m finally happy. I’m finally feeling settled and able to actually live. I’ve found a job. I’ve found a purpose. It feels great to finally be somewhere I can be free.


And I know tonight might seem like dinner and a movie….But to me, it means much, much more …Cause I’m bettin’ my whole heart that you’re gonna love me…And I’ve never took that kinda chance before…

Today has been an interesting day.  Nothing too extraordinary happened… well… events that is.  I finally have decided on a “local” shop for tattoos.  I’m going to go to True Blue Tattoos in Austin.  Having found a female artist that I love, I started thinking about the projects I have started.  I’d really like to get my right arm (Mom’s) finished.  Dad’s arm (my left) finally has been planned out.  I’ve finally decided to do my video game motif on my leg!  So with the important decisions made, I’ve started listing my favorite games so I can make sure they are represented accurately.  I don’t want it to just be “list the random games” since most of my tattoos already have so much meaning, this one won’t be any different.  So far I have:

-Altered Beast (my brother used to play this game with me)
-After Burner (the game my brother and I played right after Mom’s death)
-Raving Rabbids (spending time playing video games with some friends… long story)
-Mario in the raccoon suit (Super Mario Brothers 3 was the game that Cindy, Pam, and I would always play)
-Lolo from Adventures of Lolo (game my brother picked out for me)
-Druid symbol from WoW (reminds me that everyone has a little nerd in them)
-Laughing dog from Duck Hunt (reminds me that you can get as close to the TV as possible… you still might miss a duck or two) 

Still working on my list. 🙂

Cause Blue Eyes…You’re the secret I keep…Cause Blue Eyes…I just wanna sing a song with you…

I realize it has been a while since I’ve updated.   Things have been happening here at a pretty fast pace. 🙂  I have moved again.  I’m still in the same town I was in, just a bigger, better apartment.  I’ve finally landed a job… with the state of Texas working in their Health and Human Services department with the Outsourcing Manager.  All-in-all, things have been going well.  I do plan on updating you more in depth very soon, but I have laundry that is waiting on me and a pizza that needs to be baked.