I’m confused, I’ve got words I’d like to use…But they’ve all been said before…

Migraines have facinated me since February of 2001.  February 19th, actually.  More like the 20th by the time I realized that it wasn’t the cuts on my head that hurt so bad… it was the fact that part of my skull was crushed in permanently injuring my brain… and giving me the wonderful gift of migraines that I get to keep for the rest of my life.

It has been pretty easy going over the past two years.  I’ve had one or two every few months… around the time when things get to be a bit too much.  I never really knew my triggers.  My nerosurgeon pushed for a year to try to figure out how I could make them stop besides just medicating.  Then I wanted to join the military, which has a very strict “no migraine” rule… and *poof*   They never existed.  No more medication.  Meaning, more importantly, I’m on my own.

Which hasn’t been half bad.  If you catch it at just the right time… when its just a tight feeling across the top of my head… I can pretty much stop it.  If it gets too far past that, I can guarentee that I’ll be in bed for at least seven hours.

Luckily, last night… it came on strong in the afternoon so I could sleep over 12 hours and get it done and over with.  Hopefully, that will be the last one I see for a while.  I doubt it, but its good to hope.  I’m left with the feeling that my neurosurgeon has yet to explain… the weird, creepy-crawling, tight, tingly feeling across the top of my head and at the back of my neck.  I’m still sensitive to light, still sensitive to loud noises, but much happier.

Happy enough to sit through yet another (almost full) season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Season two, disc one will be going back in the mail tomorrow morning.  Yep!  I’m that kind of loser.  Isn’t it grand?


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