Come on, come on…Put your hands into the fire

I honestly should be doing something.  I could be planning the next few weeks of school.  I could be applying to Sandhills to go and get my certification in Computer Programming or MCDST certification.  I could be cleaning my house for this weekend’s showing to a potential buyer.  I could EVEN be busy entering grades into the NCWise and being the super-de-duper teacher the students are so sure that I am.

So what am I doing instead, you ask?

Watching season one of Grey’s Anatomy.

Yeah… I’m two episodes into season one and I fear that I am hooked.  I realized halfway through the first episode that I had to pee and I have yet to get up off of this couch.  When you’re watching the show on TV, you get some wonderful events every 5-10 minutes called “Commerical Breaks.”  OH!  And here comes a dramatic pause….

For some strange reason, I find myself identifying with Meredith all too much.  The whole… waltz around the mother thing… trying to be something you don’t know if you can be just because your mother was incredible at it… yeah.  I identify.

Anyway.  Done with disc one… on to two!


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